8 Best IELTS Books to Prepare for the IELTS Test

8 Best IELTS Books to Prepare for the IELTS Test

8 Best IELTS Books to Prepare for the IELTS Test

IELTS Books to Prepare the IELTS Test

Without the proper resources, preparing for an IELTS exam can be difficult. That’s why IELTS provides a variety of official preparation materials to help you out.

Although the IELTS exam preparation process can be daunting, it doesn’t have to be. As long as you’re persistent, open to new ideas, and have a positive attitude, you’ll succeed. You’ll also need preparatory books to achieve! You’ll be able to get an edge over the competition by studying from one of these books, as they’ll help you better understand the material covered on the exam.

As there are so many options, we’ve compiled a list of the best IELTS books to prepare for the IELTS Test. There isn’t any particular order to the items on this list, but you might prefer one over the others.

8 Best IELTS Preparation Books for Students

The IELTS is an English proficiency test for non-native English speakers. For international students, it is a widely used tool by colleges and universities worldwide.

An Academic IELTS test and a General IELTS test are the two types of IELTS tests. The academic test is used for college admissions, whereas the general test is used for visas, immigration, and other purposes.

Choosing the best IELTS prep book or online course can be difficult because many claims to be the best. For this reason, I’ve compiled a list of the top 8 IELTS prep books and online courses.

Some of the most popular IELTS books and online courses include resources in the following list.

Barron’s IELTS Superpack

1 ielts superpack

The IELTS Superpack from Barron’s provides the most comprehensive preparation for passing the English-language proficiency test. This three-book set includes practice tests, online access to audio tracks, and essential review for exam preparation.

In addition to four Academic Module practice exams and two General Training Module practice exams, Barron’s IELTS offers comprehensive preparation with extensive subject review and access to audio tracks on the internet.

In addition to six Academic Module and six General Training Module practice exams with detailed answer explanations, you’ll also be able to access online audio material.

IELTS Book for General Training and Academic 2021 – 2022 by Mometrix


IELTS General Training and Academic 2021-2022 – IELTS Secrets by Mometrix Test Preparation If you’re aiming to pass the International English Language Testing System, Study Guide is your best bet. Preparing thoroughly for the exam is essential to success. This is what’s in our study guide:

We are not associated or endorsed by any official testing body in any way by using Mometrix Test Preparation. The trademarks of all organizational and test names belong to their respective owners.

If you want to ace your IELTS exam, you’ll need to know the concepts, procedures, principles, and vocabulary expected of you by the British Council (IDP), IELTS Australia (IDPA), and Cambridge ESOL (Cambridge). That’s why the Mometrix guide is here.

To ensure your success on the exam, we’ve packed our guide with specific and in-depth information. It’s not just mentioned concepts and principles, but they’re explained in detail. As a result, the Mometrix IELTS study guide is organized logically and consistently. You won’t have to worry about getting bogged down in academic jargon because it’s written in a way that’s both accurate and understandable.

When it comes to practice questions and answer explanations, our guide stands out above the rest. The Mometrix test prep team has provided IELTS practice questions to help you get familiar with the exam format.

Links to online video tutorials are provided for many concepts, allowing students to review the material at their own pace. The examples are worked through step-by-step to make it clear what to do.

Hundreds of thousands of people have benefited from our test preparation services and gone on to higher education or rewarding careers as a result. Our IELTS Book for General Training and Academic 2021 – 2022 – IELTS Secrets Study Guide is no exception. We’ve done this by setting high standards for Mometrix Test Preparation guides. It’s a wise investment for your future. Prepare for the IELTS exam by taking advantage of our IELTS practice tests.

IELTS 14: Academic Student’s Book with Answers with Audio Authentic Practice Tests

3 IELTS 14

Cambridge Assessment English’s authentic examination papers can be used for practice because they are exactly like the actual test.

Inside Academic IELTS 14 with Audio and Answers, You’ll be able to practice your exam skills and familiarize yourself with the test format and scoring system by working through FOUR complete examination papers. The answers, tapescripts, sample writing answers, and audio are included in this book. Use the access code found on the inside front cover to download all the Listening tests’ material.

Road to IELTS

4 Road to IELTS

The British Council’s official online IELTS preparation course is Road to IELTS. You’ll be able to watch videos of five candidates taking the Speaking test, as well as 40 practice tests with answer keys.

The four eBooks for Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening are excellent places to begin your preparation. Besides that, they let you know exactly what the test taker is trying to test you on.

The British Council’s IELTS experts have put together a collection of 17 videos that will help you both in your preparation and on test day. Make sure you don’t miss out on these IELTS success tips!

Practice the different types of questions and tasks in the Practice Zone to increase your chances of getting the band score you desire. It has more than 300 interactive activities based on actual IELTS test papers, with instant feedback and marking.

IELTS Vocabulary Masterclass 8.5

5 IELTS Vocabulary

This book is a godsend for those of you who have trouble with your vocabulary. It contains hundreds of words that are likely to appear on an IELTS exam. ” Phrasal verbs, essay words, graph-specific vocabulary, and speaking vocabulary are all included in the course.

IELTS Practice Tests by Simone Braverman

6 IELTS Practice Tests

With five full-length IELTS practice tests (no. 26-30) in the ‘High Scorer’s Choice’ series, General Set 6 is a must-have study tool for getting a high IELTS band score. Doing these tests at home is a great way to get an idea of your actual IELTS score because they are as authentic as the real thing. IELTS is a difficult test that requires extensive preparation, and these practice exams will assist you in honing your test-taking skills, improving your technique, and boosting your self-esteem.

IELTS Prep Plus by Kaplan

7 kaplan IELTS Prep

The Kaplan Test Prep has been helping students improve their test-taking abilities for more than 80 years. Preparation books and online resources from Kaplan include years of test-specific data and strategies tested by Kaplan students and our expert psychometricians to provide students with the expert guidance they need at every step of their educational journey.

Kaplan knows what works because we’ve helped millions of students. If you’re looking for an easy-to-follow guide that focuses on test-takers specialized strategies, we’ve got you covered.

There are more than 90 standardized tests that we can help you prepare for, including entrance exams for secondary school, college, and graduate school.

Kaplan offers a wide range of study options, including self-paced and live online courses, print books, and mobile apps. One-on-one assistance is provided by Kaplan’s private tutors and admissions consultants.

Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS

8 Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS

For standardized tests, nothing beats official preparatory material. IELTS is overseen by Cambridge English Language Assessment, which means that they have more knowledge of the test than anyone else. The information in their official IELTS guide comes directly from IELTS test takers.

With everything you need to ace IELTS Academic or General Training, this study guide is ideal for students with a minimum band score of 4.0. With the help of advice, tips, and clear explanations, you can improve your test score. Exercises cover all types of questions so that you can tailor your practice to your own needs. Improve your test-taking skills with EIGHT official practice tests, the first of which comes with detailed instructions. The DVD-ROM contains audio and video files for the listening exercises and practice tests, as well as videos of the speaking test. Use The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS App to get all of the materials you need to succeed on the test instead.


When choosing an IELTS preparation book, think about what you want to get out of it before purchasing. Some books are more general, whereas others offer specialized instruction. Compared to available IELTS training books, academic books provide a wealth of information.

To avoid reading a dull book, you may want to select your reading material. Let’s face it: Some IELTS books are just boring. Choosing a subject, you’re passionate about will keep you awake when you should be in class instead of dozing off. While studying for your exam will also help keep you motivated to do so.

Finally, consider working with a tutor if you want to improve your writing and speaking skills for the IELTS exam. A tutor can give you feedback that a book cannot. Alternatively, you can practice for the real thing by taking online practice tests.



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