Free CISSP Training Mentor Program 2022 by FRSecure

Free CISSP Training Mentor Program 2022 by FRSecure

This Free CISSP Training Mentor Program 2022 by FRSecure is meant to help those interested to prepare for the CISSP certification exam. FRSecure aims to transform an industry that needs a significant overhaul. You can accomplish this goal by setting high standards for assessment and reporting, using proprietary reporting methods that are easy to understand, and hiring expert talent. There are many ways to accomplish this goal.

Our Certified Information Systems Security (CISSP) Mentor Program is a novel approach we use at FRSecure to bring about change. Global cybersecurity talent shortages have been an issue for years, and research forecasts before the Coronavirus pandemic predicted 3.5 million open cybersecurity positions by 2022.

As a result of this program’s design, no one will be a charged to participate. Those interested in the information security industry are encouraged to use this guide to prepare for the CISSP exam.

There is no cost for the CISSP training mentor program’s classes, but students must purchase the textbook and pay for the CISSP exam to complete their training.

How much does the CISSP Training Mentor Program cost?

Now, always, and forever, CISSP Training Cost for this program is free. A group of volunteers is in charge, and their goal is to make the ailing information security industry more functional again. By removing the barriers to entry in information security, we can help more people get into the field.

If you decide to take the exam, you will only be responsible for the textbook cost and the exam fee.

Current Textbooks:

Main*: Title: The Official (ISC)2 CISSP CBK Reference, Sixth Edition (Paperback) by Arthur J. Deane, & Aaron Kraus. Language: English ISBN-10: 111978990, ISBN-13: 978-1119789994

Not covered, but helpful: CISSP: 2 Books in 1: The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Learn the Fundamentals of Information System Security + Tips and Strategies to Pass the CISSP Exam on Your First Attempt (Paperback) by Robert Preston. ISBN-13 : 979-8639674624

CISSP Training Mentor Program 2022 Class Schedule

If you follow along live, each class will be 6 pm – 8 pm CST. All sessions will be recorded and sent to registrants.

  • April 11: Introduction
  • April 13: Domain 1: Security & Risk Management
  • April 20: Domains 2 & 3: Asset Security & Security Architecture
  • April 25: Domain 3: Security Architecture & Engineering
  • April 27: Domain 3: Security Architecture & Engineering
  • May 2: Domain 4: Communication & Network Security
  • May 4: Domain 4: Communication & Network Security
  • May 9: BREAK
  • May 11: Domain 5: Identity & Access Management
  • May 16: Domain 6: Security Assessment & Testing
  • May 18: Domain 7: Security Operations
  • May 23: Domain 7 & 8: Security Operations & Software Development Security
  • May 25: Review & Exam Prep
  • June 1: Final Exam Prep

Register and Enroll Free CISSP Training Program

FRSecure offers a 13-session free CISSP preparation course to anyone interested in information security, including those outside the field.


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