Product Psychology Masterclass by Growth.Design

Product Psychology Masterclass by Growth.Design

Product Psychology Masterclass by Growth.Design

Product Psychology Masterclass is a course designed to teach professionals how to utilize psychology (ethically!) to build better products, sharpen your skills, please your customers, and assist businesses in scaling quicker. The systematic approach to improving products through the use of psychology. Identify gaps, develop psychologically sound remedies, and make confident product selections.

You have already seen what we can do through our case studies… Now is the moment for you to acquire the precise understanding necessary to replicate this success with your product.

Learn Product Psychology Masterclass, Practice and Apply Framework


According to research, storytelling aid in the retention of information. As a result, our lectures follow a similar slide format to our case studies but with a more organized and instructive approach. You will learn and retain the most critical psychological principles, enabling you to apply them to your work—whether it’s developing new products or convincing stakeholders.

We have already summarized the fundamental ideas of each session to ensure that you can learn without worrying about taking notes. At any moment, you will be able to review essential topics from any lesson swiftly.

Take it a step further and delve into particular instructional topics. For each class, we have compiled a collection of our top psychology books, articles, research papers, and videos so you can go deeper.


You can instantly put what you have learned into practice with hands-on exercises. Acquire knowledge more quickly and use it more effectively.

By practicing after each course, you can become more prepared and familiar with how to approach real-world challenges. Numerous colorful product illustrations will assist you in recalling new thoughts and techniques to execute.

“Before vs. After” redesigns discover practical applications for psychological principles. Consider real-world examples from other students and, if desired, offer your exercises to develop your skills.


As you continue through the course, refine your product by applying the theory learned in each lesson.

We present you with actual product challenges that you can immediately apply to your product. These contain tactical suggestions for increasing business impact and developing superior products. To assist you in implementing certain concepts, we created simple-to-use Figma templates. You do not need to be a designer to complete this project; simply follow the step-by-step instructions.

Everything you need to make applying your learnings as simple as possible. Checklists for executing ideas, templates, and scripts for rallying stakeholders, among other things. Convince yourself of your ability to practice with our collected responses to hundreds of prior students’ most often asked questions.

Course curriculum: Product Psychology Masterclass

Psychology frameworks that are both timeless and useful will be covered in this course. Ethically, you will be able to improve your product.

Module 1: Understand User Behaviors

Lesson topics

  • Storytelling: How to use the psychology behind stories to build user empathy and find gaps.
  • Behavioral Map: How to motivate people to act (while being ethical) & what impacts people’s ability (5 elements that can reduce psych).
  • Psych Framework: Advanced applications of motivations and abilities to represent user behaviors.

Module 2: Find The Gaps & Improve Any Experience

Lesson topics

  • B.I.A.S. Framework: Learn the 4 mental steps people go through when interacting with any product and how they think. (fast processes vs. logical)
  • Understand how cognitive biases affect how people use your product. Find what doesn’t work and why.
  • Know exactly how to use the most impactful psychology principles to improve your product.
  • Help people understand, take action and store positive memories whenever they interact with your product.

Module 3: Create Delightful Journeys

Lesson topics

  • How to find your customer’s most important moments in your experience (that will generate your biggest ROI).
  • Proven techniques to turn an average experience into a delightful one that people love.
  • How to re-order the customer journey to maximize overall psych

Module 4: Communicate Product Decisions

Lesson topics

  • The best way to understand what’s important to stakeholders and how to positively influence decisions.
  • How to explain your product decisions and get the support you need.
  • 5 practical tactics you can apply in your next meeting to help you communicate your product decisions.

Module 5: Create Ethical & Humane Products

Lesson topics

  • Ethical test: Evaluate your product using the manipulation matrix.
  • Black mirror test: The one exercise you can do to ensure your product won’t trigger behavioral problems for your users.
  • Humane design principles: The 3 fundamental principles to follow when redesigning for a more humane experience.

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