Top 15 Accounting Courses & Certifications

15 Best Online Accounting Courses & Certifications in 2022 [UPDATED December 2022]

On this page, you'll learn about the top online accounting certificate programs, including standard courses and educational outcomes, available career pathways, and how to pick the correct one.

Nov 11th, 2021

15 Best Online Accounting Courses & Certifications in 2022

Accounting is the practice of disseminating financial information about a company entity to stakeholders and managers. The communication is typically in the form of financial statements that detail the economic resources under management’s control in monetary terms; the art is in selectively presenting the most pertinent information to the user. Accounting principles are applied to corporate entities through three branches of practical accounting: accounting, bookkeeping, and auditing. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 10% rise in the accountant and auditor employment market from 2016 to 2026, compared to a 7% overall job growth prediction for all professions during the same period. Thus, the accounting profession appears to have a bright future.

Acquiring and maintaining accounting skills may appear onerous, but the internet has significantly changed education and simplified the process. Numerous online accounting courses and programs offer a convenient and cost-effective alternative to traditional classroom education. These online accounting courses enable you to develop critical basic skills for your job, download lectures, work on projects, take exams, and even participate in virtual chats with other students, all on your own time.

To begin with, your online accounting education and training, consider the following list of the best online accounting courses, certifications, programs, and training resources if you’re unsure where. This collection contains free and paid courses that you can complete at your own pace and schedule. Therefore, whether you are an entrepreneur seeking personal accounting skills, a beginner seeking entry into the accounting job market, or an established accounting professional seeking an accounting certification to advance your career, this list contains a relevant accounting online course for you.

Best Free Online Advanced Accounting Courses, Classes & Certification in 2022

Accounting is the process of collecting and evaluating financial data. Accounting can be as straightforward as reconciling a checkbook or as complicated as preparing a year-end profit and loss statement.

Accounting is a fundamental life skill that everyone should possess. While you may not necessarily need to know how to generate a profit and loss statement or a year-end cash analysis, you should be able to balance a checkbook and handle your family’s finances.

When you purchase a car or a home, numerous numbers are involved. To avoid being taken advantage of, you must understand the difference between a fixed rate and a variable rate, as well as how auto loans and mortgages handle interest accrual.

Accounting has specialized terminology that is critical to master and comprehends. Having good accounting knowledge is advantageous for whatever business you work in and makes you a more valued employee. Accounting is not only the domain of accountants. It is for anyone who wishes to arm themselves with the knowledge necessary to make sound financial decisions.

Develop Your Finance and Accounting Skills by LinkedIn Learning

1 udemy

LinkedIn Learning’s Develop Your Finance and Accounting Skills Path is a comprehensive online accounting program designed to teach individuals. The three major types of accounting (tax, financial, and managerial), how accounting is used to make decisions, evaluate a company’s health, interpret financial reports, and communicate financial results.

Develop Your Finance and Accounting Skills Course consists of seven courses that educate the learner from accounting fundamentals through analyzing and communicating financial statements. It’s beneficial for business professionals interested in accounting and finance, entrepreneurs interested in managing their own organizations’ finances, students looking to brush up on their abilities, and even accounting professionals seeking CPE credit.

After completing all of the program’s courses, you’ll obtain a completion badge for the financial and accounting skills route (on LinkedIn Learning) and a shareable certificate of completion for each course. Additionally, you can obtain continuing professional education credits from the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy for the majority of the courses in this online accounting program. None of the other programs we evaluated provided all of these features.

Introduction to Financial Accounting by Wharton, University of Pennsylvania by Coursera

2 coursera

This Financial Accounting course is part of the Business Foundations Specialization provided by the University of Pennsylvania’s famed Wharton business school. This course will assist you in developing the technical skills necessary to assess financial statements and disclosures for financial analysis purposes and an understanding of how accounting standards and managerial incentives affect the financial reporting process. After completing this accounting course, you will be able to read the three most often used financial statements: the income statement, the balance sheet, and the statement of cash flows.

Brian J Bushee, a 14-year Wharton School alumnus and former lecturer at Harvard Business School, will teach the course. Prof. Bushee is the most well-respected faculty member at Wharton, and students adore him for his engaging, energetic, and engaging teaching style. He has arranged the course content flawlessly, beginning with the Balance Sheet, Debits and Credits, and Journal Entries, and on to topics such as Bonds, Deferred Taxes, and Stock-Based Compensation, among others. All of this is demonstrated through the example of a start-up company. Prof Bushee is extremely helpful to students in the forums and enjoys teaching his topic, as evidenced by how he presents the course, which makes learning accounting enjoyable.

Introduction to Financial Accounting is an introductory course for students with no prior knowledge of accounting. A fundamental understanding of mathematics is necessary. It is one of the top online sites for accounting education.

Introduction to Financial Accounting by Udemy

3 udemy

If you’re interested in learning about financial accounting but have a limited budget, Udemy’s free course Introduction to Financial Accounting is an excellent option. You’ll have access to almost an hour of on-demand accounting video training. You do not need to have any prior knowledge, though you will benefit from a working knowledge of fundamental high school math.

This online accounting course will teach you the fundamentals of financial accounting, how to record basic financial transactions, the distinction between profit and cash flows, and how to generate the three principal financial statements. It includes valuable accounting information for anyone interested in learning the fundamentals of accounting without spending any money.

One of the primary disadvantages of Udemy’s Introduction to Financial Accounting course is that you will not receive a certificate of completion upon completion. Additionally, Udemy does not include a Q&A discussion area for this online accounting class, so you will be unable to ask the course instructor any questions.

Financial Accounting Fundamentals by University of Virginia (Coursera)

4 courseera

The Financial Accounting Fundamentals course, designed at the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business and taught by renowned professors, will provide you with the tools necessary to comprehend the fundamentals of financial accounting. Concise films, a small business’s financial records, and “your turn” activities walk you through the three most often used financial statements: the Balance Sheet, the Income Statement, and the Statement of Cash Flows. Apart from recording transactions, you’ll learn how to prepare financial statements and how to read and analyze them to make basic inferences about a business’s financial health.

Luann J. Lynch, an associate professor of business administration at the University of Virginia, teaches the course. She holds a master’s degree in business administration from Duke University and a doctorate in accounting from the University of North Carolina. Prof. Lynch has received numerous accolades and prizes for her excellent teaching and research. Her study has appeared in several prestigious accounting and finance journals. Not only does she methodically and adequately explain the ideas, but she also provides many opportunities for students to practice what they’ve learned through little quizzes and tasks.

The Financial Accounting Fundamentals is one of the most significant online accounting certifications for beginners who have no prior accounting knowledge. Additionally, it is ideal for experienced or professional individuals seeking a refresher course in basic accounting principles.

Fundamentals of Accounting Certificate Program by Northwestern University

5 northwestern

The Fundamentals of Accounting Certificate is intended for individuals who have never studied accounting prior. This online beginner and intermediate accounting courses will assist business professionals in establishing a firm foundation in accounting concepts and procedures, including financial reporting, cost accounting, and taxation. This certificate is specifically created for small business owners, aspiring entry-level financial accountants, aspiring cost accountants, budget managers, and others who utilize and rely on accounting information to make business choices. Students can personalize the certificate to their specific needs by selecting one of the required courses.

The Online Fundamentals of Accounting Certificate program is ideal for managers responsible for department budgets, entrepreneurs, and anybody considering a career as an accountant. If you wish to continue your education following the completion of this program, you may enroll in Northwestern’s accounting courses Certificate program. Depending on your state’s regulations, this second certificate program may provide sufficient study to sit for the CPA exam.

You will complete the entire curriculum entirely online. Because the courses are not self-paced, you must be prepared to submit coursework when your professor requests it. Each class meets for an academic quarter (about three months). If you take one class per quarter, the Online Fundamentals of Accounting Certificate program should take around a year to complete.

This program is more expensive than the majority of the other online accounting schools we researched, as you will obtain a post-baccalaureate credential from a university. The tuition for this program is $2,054, plus a $125 technology fee per session. Because financial help is not available, you must ensure that you can either pay for the program yourself or obtain financial assistance.

Fundamentals of Accounting Specialization by University of Illinois

6 coursera

You will learn the principles of both of these accounting purposes in our Fundamentals of Accounting Specialization Course. More precisely, you will comprehend the financial statements prepared by management and read and analyze them to assess the organization’s financial status. Additionally, you will recognize and understand the nature, purpose, and significance of several forms of decision-useful accounting information and how to use analytical tools and procedures to make business decisions based on this information. Through the capstone, you will apply these fundamentals to a new business by developing a business plan, forecasts and budgets, and anticipated information needs for decisions made by you as owner and manager, your employees, and external stakeholders such as future shareholders, creditors, and other constituents.

Financial accounting is concerned with the reports generated by managers to provide interested external parties with an overview of the firm’s financial situation and operations. Managerial accounting is concerned with the data, analytical tools, and strategies that assist managers and staff in making sound company choices.

A Coursera Specialization is a collection of courses that teaches you how to master a particular skill. To begin, either enroll directly in the Specialization or study its courses and select the one you’d like to start with. When you enroll in a course included in a Specialization, you are automatically enrolled in the entire Specialization. It’s acceptable to complete only one course – you can suspend your learning at any time or cancel your subscription. To keep track of your course enrollments and progress, log in to your learner dashboard.

Each Specialization includes a practicum. You must complete the project(s) to get your certificate and complete the Specialization. If the Specialization contains a separate course for the hands-on project, you must complete all of the other courses.

Once you’ve completed all of the courses and the hands-on project, you’ll earn a Certificate that you can share with prospective employers and members of your professional network.

Gain skills in financial accounting, managerial accounting, and tax


Gain skills in financial accounting, managerial accounting, and tax is a course prepared by Indiana University’s top-ranked Kelley School of Business. Accountants with extensive financial knowledge, business acumen, real-world experience, decision-making ability, and strong communication skills are critical to firms of all kinds and offer tremendous employment opportunities. This MicroMasters® program in accounting is designed for intelligent, hardworking, and passionate about accounting who want to improve their understanding of the subject significantly. The program’s curriculum comprises courses in three of accounting’s most essential disciplines: financial accounting, managerial accounting, and income taxation. Learn from world-renowned, award-winning accounting faculty at Indiana University’s top-ranked Kelley School of Business. The MicroMasters program in accounting will familiarize you with the following critical areas of the accounting profession:

The three graduate-level courses in the MicroMasters program account for 30% of the coursework in the online Master of Science in Accounting provided by Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business via the edX platform.

The online Master of Science in Accounting program is aimed at individuals interested in transitioning into an accounting career or in deepening their understanding of the function of accounting in investment, banking, and corporate management. According to Public Accounting Report, the Kelley School of Business is now ranked #7 for graduate accounting programs.

Completing this accounting MicroMasters program can help you strengthen your application to the online Master of Science in Accounting degree and advance your career.

Financial Learning Library, formerly SmartPros Advantage by Kaplan Financial Education

8 kalpan

With the Kaplan Financial Education’s Financial Learning Library, you may accomplish your growth goals and meet your continuing education needs. This annual subscription contains hundreds of courses covering various topics for professionals ranging from entry-level accounting and finance workers to CFOs. Accounting and auditing, financial planning, consulting, management, computer applications, and taxation are only a few topics covered.

Kaplan’s Financial Learning Library courses offer a broad range of subjects, including financial accounting, auditing, ethics, finance, technology, and taxes. This Financial Learning Library enables accounting professionals to easily select courses that cover the topics necessary to complete their CPE requirements. Additionally, it might be an excellent tool to remain current on industry trends and cover any skill shortages.

Each course will take you less than an hour to a couple of hours or more to finish. You will not have access to course instructors or a Q&A forum. If you prefer one-on-one advice and support, Kaplan also provides a variety of alternative continuing professional education (CPE) opportunities for accountants, including additional online programs, webinars, and conferences.

Introduction to Finance, Accounting, Modeling, and Valuation

9 udemy

Introduction to Finance, Accounting, Modeling, and Valuation Course is the #1 Best Selling Accounting Course on Udemy. It will assist you in developing a fundamental understanding of accounting, finance, financial modeling, and valuation. You will learn how to construct, analyze, and forecast income, balance, and cash flow statements. Additionally, you will learn how to evaluate firms utilizing various valuation approaches to arrive at target prices for the companies you are researching. After completing this accounting course, you will be able to analyze financial statements utilizing a variety of financial ratios/formulas.

The course is filled with tasks that assist students in comprehending and applying concepts. Apart from the video courses, there are other papers to read and download.

Chris Haroun is Udemy’s best-selling business instructor. He is an award-winning business school lecturer with a Columbia University MBA in finance and real-world expertise ranging from Goldman Sachs to hedge funds, venture capital, and consulting firms. He is the author of several bestselling business courses. He teaches from real-world experience and employs a visualization style that simplifies and simplifies complex ideas, making accounting a pleasurable learning process. He has taught over 25,000 students on Udemy alone and has racked up massive 5-star ratings and reviews.

Financial Accounting – #1 Ranked Brigham Young University

10 udemy

Financial Accounting – #1 Ranked University: Course 1 of 5 is the first course in the Introduction to Accounting Course Series, established and used by the world’s number one accounting university, Brigham Young University (Rated by the London Financial Times 2013). HARVARD recommends this course to all entering MBA students who have not taken an introductory accounting course. Additionally, it has been featured and discussed in Wired Magazine, Gigaom, and The New York Times. Without a doubt, the course has garnered outstanding ratings from more than 30,000 students around the country. It is now available on Udemy for online learners and has swiftly risen to the top rating.

Learn accounting from self-made billionaire Norm Nemrow, a recipient of the President of the United States’ renowned teaching award. Brigham Young Schools offers this course, the world’s top accounting university (Rated by the London Financial Times 2013). This course will teach you the principles of financial accounting more effectively and efficiently than any other course now available… guaranteed.

While other courses may talk about an excellent game, our course sets the bar. This course trains top recruits for the world’s four largest accounting firms and is recommended by HARVARD for its new MBA students. Join over 100,000 top students from top colleges worldwide in our renowned course, now available on Udemy. To our knowledge, no other accounting course has been featured in Wired magazine, Gagaom, or the New York Times; yes, it is that popular and well-regarded. Welcome to the Norm Nemrow Accounting Course, where you can get a Norm Nemrow Accounting Certificate in Accounting.

There are FIVE courses in the Introduction to Accounting Course Series. If you accept the challenge and complete all FIVE courses, you will have mastered the first year of accounting at the world’s most excellent accounting schools. These are the SAME courses that we offer at the university, which means that if you enroll in our Independent Study program, you will need to take the examinations to get six credit hours. These credits are instrumental and transferable to practically any institution of higher learning worldwide. No other course on Udemy prepares you as well as ours for actual college credit hours. However, suppose you decide that the credits are not for you. In that case, that’s fine too… you’ll have obtained the best accounting education available anywhere on the planet here on Udemy and will have the information necessary to manage your business and lead it into the future.

Accounting: Principles of Financial Accounting by IESE Business School Coursera

11 coursera

Accounting: Principles of Financial Accounting course is part of the IESE Business School’s Foundations of Management Specialization at the University of Navarra. It introduces pupils to the fundamentals of accounting. Therefore, whether they own a firm, work as a manager, or are just starting their career, this course teaches them how to interpret financial data and engage with accountants, controllers, and financial managers. Students will prepare, read, and evaluate financial statements to diagnose and make business decisions after the course.

Financial accounting is frequently referred to as the business language; managers use it to transmit financial and economic information about their firms to external stakeholders such as shareholders and creditors. Nobody in business can afford to be financially illiterate. Whether you own a firm, work as a manager, or are just starting in your career, you want to be able to grasp financial information and communicate with accountants, controllers, and financial managers. You wish to conduct business!

The principles of the Financial Accounting course will introduce you to the fundamentals of the accounting language. After completing this course, you should be able to read and comprehend financial accounts to diagnose and make company decisions. More significantly, you will have the intellectual foundation to continue learning advanced accounting and finance on your own. Bear in mind that, as with any other language, mastering accounting requires consistent practice.

Financial Accounting Part 1 & Part 2 by LinkedIn Learning – Lynda

12 linkedin

This two-part financial accounting course is taught by Brigham Young University professors Jim Stice and Kay Stice. They have a combined teaching experience of more than 70 years and created this accounting training course to instill confidence in business professionals – including managers, analysts, and entrepreneurs – when using financial data to drive strategic decision-making.

Anyone responsible for interpreting financial statements or communicating financial results must have a firm grasp of financial accounting. This thorough, self-contained training course is meant to instill confidence in business professionals—managers, analysts, and entrepreneurs—in their ability to use financial data to inform strategic decision-making. Professors Jim Stice and Earl Kay Stice illustrate the distinction between net income and cash flow and the importance of the credits and debits system in everyday accounting by utilizing actual reports from real-world organizations such as Microsoft and Walmart. They aid in the comprehension of assets and liabilities; the interpretation of balance sheets, income statements, and statements of cash flows; the evaluation and adjustment of journal entries; and the preparation of your financial statements. This MBA-level course is densely packed with case studies and ideas that will assist you in bridging the divide between accounting academia and real-world application.

While their products and services may vary significantly, successful businesses share one trait: they are adept at reading financial statements. Financial statements and reports enable accounting and finance professionals to peep into their organization’s inner workings, identifying critical risk areas before they develop into problems that derail the business. Accounting instructors Jim and Kay Stice take a deeper dig into the realm of financial accounting in this course, the second in the Financial Accounting series. Jim and Kay cover various topics, including financial ratio analysis, cash flow analysis, predicting financial statements, and business valuation. To conclude the course, they evaluate the worth of McDonald’s using the several models taught in class.

In Part 1, Jim and Kay use real-world examples to explain financial statements, the balance sheet, the income statement, and the statement of cash flows. Thus, students gain access to Microsoft, Walmart, and other companies’ financial records. They help students comprehend the distinction between net income and cash flow and the importance of the credits and debits system in everyday accounting. They assist in investigating assets and liabilities, interpreting financial statements, evaluating and adjusting journal entries, and preparing one’s financial statements. This accounting course is designed at the MBA level. It is packed with case studies and insights that assist learners in bridging the divide between accounting academics and real-world application.

Jim and Kay delve deeper into the realm of financial accounting in Part 2. They teach students to financial ratio analysis techniques that can be used to determine a company’s strengths and weaknesses, opportunities for progress, and risks, all through the lens of the company’s financial statements. Additionally, they include cash flow analysis, predicting financial statements, and business valuation.

Accounting: From Beginner to Advanced!

13 udemy

Accounting From Beginner to Advanced is a best-selling course covering everything from fundamental accounting skills to advanced accounting techniques. You’ll learn everything there is to know about debits and credits, the accounting cycle, accounting standards, how to analyze business transactions, how to generate financial statements, and how to prepare bank reconciliations, among other things. Additionally, you will learn about bonds, stocks, dividends, and short- and long-term investments.

This course’s instructor Stefan Ignatovski, Ph.D., is a professor of accounting, an investor, and an entrepreneur who lectures at several universities throughout the United States, including the University of Washington. Stefan has founded and invested in multiple start-up businesses and is the author of the book “What College Didn’t Teach You.” Stefan teaches the course in a highly innovative manner. There are brief animated videos that are simple to grasp and add excitement to the subject. Additionally, each lesson concludes with excellent activities that reinforce the material covered and problem-solving films that assist in applying the principles learned. Additionally, the questions and exercises include adequate explanations.

This course is ideal for business owners, students, current accountants, bookkeepers, anyone interested in entering the accounting field, and even CPA exam takers.

Accounting in 60 Minutes – A Brief Introduction

14 udemy

Accounting in 60 Minutes – A Brief Introduction course will introduce you to the fundamentals of accounting. It takes around an hour to complete. The course contains instructional videos featuring the instructor at the whiteboard. You will take simple quizzes to reinforce your knowledge. This course is designed for business owners, business students, managers, and anybody else interested in learning accounting fundamentals. It organizes the data in an easily understandable manner. Even if you have taken a course in accounting, you will find the information enlightening.

Professor Turner has instructed thousands of students in the fundamentals of accounting. He has created shortcuts and parallels to simplify the process of studying accounting. If you wish to learn about this subject in a straightforward, enjoyable manner, this brief introductory course is for you.

Accounting 101: How to read an Accounting Balance Sheet

15 udemy

Millions of individuals worldwide, including you and me, are involved in some way in reading financial figures. Whether it’s your business, personal finances, or savings, financial literacy is now a prerequisite for business survival and informed decision-making.

Surprisingly, the one most crucial life skill that has the potential to make or break your financial success is not taught in school. Numerous entrepreneurs operate their enterprises without knowing how to read a balance sheet. Business owners are and have remained dangerously uninformed of their financial statements and tax legislation.

The course will continue to develop in scope as new materials, examples, and case studies weekly!


While this is not a comprehensive list of the Accounting Certifications, Courses, Classes & Trainings available online, we attempt to include all the top-rated courses.

We suggest you attempt more than one class to make as much progress as expected concerning the information. Additionally, you can decide to stay with one sort on the off chance you are searching for explicit abilities. However, most of these information representations online courses share an excellent deal. Tell us about your questions, ideas, inquiries, and criticism. We love to hear from you. Till then, at that point, continue to learn!

Accounting Courses FAQ

Accountants, also known as financial analysts, are valuable assets to any company. They provide a wide range of services from auditing to bookkeeping and tax consulting, among others. Accountants can generally be found in public accounting firms or privately held companies. In either case, an accountant’s work can vary from company to company, depending on the firm’s needs. The job description will vary from firm to firm but may include preparing financial statements or assisting clients with filing their taxes.

Accounting certifications are the most common type of certification in the world. Accounting professionals must attest to having passed a set of examinations, completed a certain number of college courses, and had their work experience approved by an industry sector or oversight committee before they can earn this designation. Most accountants earn their certification through the Association of Certified Public Accountants’ (CPA) three-level program.

An online accounting class allows you to learn about accounting from the comfort of your own home. If you sign up for an online accounting class, you won’t have to show up for class at a specified time. Instead, you’ll be able to complete the work when it’s most convenient for you.

Many online accounting classes are self-paced, meaning you can complete the course in as much or as little time as you want. However, if you’re enrolled in a formal degree or certificate program with a university, you’ll need to complete the materials in a specified time frame.

Most people take accounting courses because they plan to work in accounting. However, there are many other reasons that you may want to consider taking an accounting course:

  1. You’ll be able to find more opportunities for employment with accounting skills.
  2. You’ll have a better understanding of your finances to make more informed financial decisions.
  3. It will be easier to balance your checkbook if you know basic accounting.

An accounting degree may last four years, consisting of two years at a community college and two years at a university. The first year of an accountancy program is usually spent taking general math, business, economics, communications, and other disciplines. The second year typically focuses more specifically on accounting content with courses such as Introduction to Accounting Principles I and II, Intermediate Accounting I and II, Auditing I and II.

Accountants indeed hold one of the essential roles in society. These professionals are specialized and skilled at organizing and analyzing data, but what skills do they need to succeed? To name a few, they need to be detail-oriented and recognize patterns and numbers quickly. They also need to be courageous enough to stand up for what is right, even when it cost them their job. Lastly – they need to have an interest in math.

Certified public accountants are often referred to as CPAs. They have the expertise to conduct a wide range of accounting activities, including financial reporting and tax planning. Certified management accountants have the skills to oversee a company’s financial plans and numbers. Certified internal auditors, or CPAs, work in upper-level management of a company and have the skill set of an auditor and an accountant.

Accountants are responsible for maintaining an organization’s financial records, providing information about the company to the business owner (or owners), and advising the business owner(s) on financial strategies. The primary role is to provide advice on how best to use a company’s finances. Accountants help decide whether the company should take out loans or invest in particular stocks.

Do you want to be an accountant? If you’re tired of your day job and are looking for a way to make good money, then becoming an accountant may be the right career choice for you. Accountants are in high demand because they are knowledgeable about taxes, numbers, and business operations. Becoming an accountant is not easy, but it can lead to a rewarding career.

To become an accountant, you should have strong math skills, strong organizational skills, and a passion for numbers. It would be best if you also had a personality that would work well with other people to trust you with their financial information.


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