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10 Best IT Technician Course, IT Support & Help Desk Training Online in 2022 [UPDATED January 2023]

On this page, you'll learn about the top online IT Support & Help Desk Courses, including standard courses and educational outcomes, available career pathways, and how to pick the correct one.

Nov 11th, 2021

10 Best IT Technician Course, IT Support & Help Desk Training Online in 2022

An IT technician performs various tasks to support, repair, and maintain an organization’s computer systems’ hardware and software. IT technicians may be responsible for installing, troubleshooting, testing, or assisting in the rollout of security features, hardware, and software, as well as network and computer system maintenance. While IT technicians are sometimes considered entry-level positions, they can advance to more specialized jobs such as systems engineer, network administrator, or cloud administrator.

According to Glassdoor statistics from June 2022, IT technicians earn an average of $45,828 in the United States. It’s a rapidly developing field—the US Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts that computer support specialist positions will grow by 8% between 2019 and 2029. That is a significantly faster rate than the national average for all jobs.

IT technician is one of several job titles that may appear in job descriptions for general IT support positions. During your job hunt, keep an eye out for similar job titles such as help desk technician, desktop support technician, IT specialist, help desk analyst, or IT associate. While jobs may differ slightly, a large portion of the skill set and requirements may be comparable. For instance, an IT professional or help desk analyst may entail more user support and less hands-on technical work. However, you will be expected to understand fundamental networking, troubleshooting, and security concepts.

IT Technician Courses Online Free and Paid Help Desk Classes 2022

An IT technician combines information technology and business professionals who serve as an organization’s principal point of contact for IT difficulties. This expert is in charge of computer system installation, repair, and maintenance. Typical responsibilities of an IT technician include the following:

IT technicians are employed by businesses that make use of computers, networks, and other technology. This category covers workplaces, hospitals, airports, and universities. While on-site IT specialists may spend some time at their desks, they are likely to walk around the building frequently as they resolve difficulties with other people’s computers and systems. Lifting, reaching, bending, and bending may require twisting in this work.

Additionally, information technology specialists may specialize in a particular system or solution and support clients in several locations. These technicians may take inbound calls and provide help over the phone, or they may come to clients’ sites to handle installs, configurations, upgrades, and troubleshooting. A portion of the technician’s time is spent traveling between locations.

Google IT Support Professional Certificate

1 google

Google launched the IT Support Professional Certificate program as part of their “Flourish with Google” effort, which builds on Google’s heritage and mission of developing products, platforms, and services that help individuals and organizations grow. This IT help desk certification program is a low-risk, low-cost approach for individuals to acquire the skills necessary to obtain a well-compensated entry-level position in the field of IT support.

What makes this Google’s IT support professional certificate so unique and effective is that it has been accepted by over 30 leading employers, including Home Depot, Cognizant, GE Digital, H&R Block, Hulu, Intel, Sprint, JM Smucker, Infosys, KForce, MCPc, PNC Bank, RICOH USA, TEKSystems, UPMC, Veterans United Home Loans, and Walmart and their subsidiaries, among others. As a result, people who successfully finish this program have a direct line of communication with these employers.

It is a first-of-its-kind program with over 64 hours of video lectures and highly interactive content such as hands-on labs, widgets, and assessments spread across five courses that teach students fundamental concepts in information technology support such as networking, operating systems, customer service, troubleshooting, system administration, automation, and network security. The program’s curriculum is outstanding, emphasizing applied learning and a structure that addresses real-world requirements. The hands-on assessments are intended to replicate the real-world experiences of IT Support personnel. Virtual examinations include Assembling a Computer, Networking Simulation, Writing Effective Support Documentation, Routing Paths, and Subnets, Wireless Networking, Device Software Management, Public Key or Asymmetric Encryption, and Incident Handling, to name a few.

According to Google, the certificate program should take approximately six months to complete for someone willing to commit about five to six hours per week. All training and other materials are available on a self-paced basis and on-demand. As a result, someone who invests more time will be able to complete it much more quickly.

This training does not require any prior experience. Whether one is new to technology or has had some exposure, this curriculum is highly recommended for those interested in starting the industry. Additionally, it is a good alternative for individuals who require retraining.

The Google IT Support Professional Certificate program was recently recommended for credit by the American Council on Education (ACE) ACE CREDIT®, the industry standard for converting work-related learning to college credit. As a result, learners can now earn up to 12 college credits (equal to four associate degree level courses) upon program completion. This creates new avenues for learners to get the degree they need to improve their IT careers beyond entry-level positions and into more senior, higher-paying ones.

Additionally, this IT Certificate curriculum matches with the freshly updated CompTIA A+ certification objectives. Thus, students who successfully finish the certificate and pass the CompTIA A+ certification exam will receive access to a new dual credential from CompTIA and Google, which will undoubtedly help them stand out to prospective employers.

Google IT Automation with Python Professional Certificate

2 coursera1

Python has risen to prominence as the most sought-after programming language in the last decade. Additionally, the IT landscape is continuously evolving and moving toward automation, making addressing problems through automated solutions critical for anybody working in IT. To assist more technologists in mastering Python and IT automation, Google created the IT Automation with Python Professional Certificate program, available via the online education platform Coursera.

This Google IT course is part of the company’s “Grow with Google” initiative, which promises to provide learners with cutting-edge job-ready skills that will help them advance their careers. It expands on the Google IT Support Professional Certificate, which is also available on Coursera. This course teaches students Python, Git, and IT automation to prepare them for various IT vocations, such as more advanced IT Support Specialist or Junior Systems Administrator positions.

This curriculum builds on your existing IT foundations to help you advance your career. It is to teach you how to program in Python and automate typical system administration chores using Python. Additionally, you’ll learn how to use Git and GitHub, diagnose and debug complicated problems, and automate at scale through the use of configuration management and the Cloud.

This certificate program prepares you for many IT careers, including more advanced IT Support Specialist and Junior Systems Administrator positions. After completing the form, you can share it with possible employers such as Walmart, Sprint, Hulu, Bank of America, and Google (of course!).

We recommend that you install Python on your computer. For some courses, you’ll need a computer to install Git or have it installed for you by your administrator.

IT Help Desk Professional (Udemy)

3 udemy1

Do you wish to begin your career in the information technology field? Do you want to establish a solid foundation for your IT career? You have arrived at the correct location! Are you curious as to why? Let us examine. Because if you want to become an IT specialist, you must first master computers and everything related to them, including how they work, how to install operating systems such as Windows on machines, how they communicate, how to manage them, and, of course, how to troubleshoot them. This is all from a hardware perspective, while also taking into account the need to learn how users are managed via the network, how to manage user accounts permissions, and so on.

These are just some of the topics we will cover in our course; we will also discuss printers, networks, and some other important topics, and we will guarantee that the information and examples provided here will maximize your learning experience to the maximum, so that the next time you are interviewed for a help desk position, you will feel more confident about your technical background because you will have gained a solid understanding through the application of what you will learn here. The professors’ combined experience in this subject exceeds 15 years, ensuring that you will receive actual information rather than theoretical information!

We structured the course to begin with the most fundamental knowledge required, installing, and demonstrating how to install Windows on a machine. Because most operating systems follow a similar procedure, we will use Windows 10 as a standard, and once installation is complete, we will prepare the machine for the user. The second portion discusses networking; we’ll cover DHCP and DNS, troubleshoot various network-related issues, and master the most helpful and necessary CMD commands for troubleshooting connectivity issues. Following that, we’ll address hardware, specifically printers; their types, nomenclature, installation of drivers, and, of course, basic troubleshooting to see how you can resolve some issues when they occur.

The fourth section will be brief but critical, covering Active Directory, how to manage users inside it, and how to configure folder permissions based on Active Directory users. Following that, we’ll look at two programs and two websites that will greatly assist you in completing certain chores more quickly, easily, and professionally.

The final portion will be about hardware as well; the first was about printers, and this one will be about PCs; we will disassemble the PC from the inside and examine how it works, what components are present, some fundamental troubleshooting techniques, and we will also discuss hardware upgrades. Due to the fact that more than 90% of the course content is a practical demonstration, and in order to maximize your learning experience outcomes, we strongly urge you to have a test PC to implement and practice what we will cover here.

Are you prepared to enter this realm? Are you looking for your next IT position? This is your key; enroll in this course now and let’s begin the trip.

TOTAL: CompTIA A+ Certification (220-1001).

4 udemy

CompTIA A+ is the globally recognized industry-standard certification for launching a career in information technology. It verifies the fundamental information technology skills and competencies necessary in the workplace and is thus trusted by businesses globally. Candidates for the CompTIA A+ Core Series must pass two exams: Core 1 (220-1001) and Core 2 (220-1002). (220-1002).

Mike Meyers, the industry’s foremost authority on CompTIA Certifications, has designed a two-part training series on Udemy to assist learners in passing the CompTIA A+ Certification. Mike has been a technician, instructor, author, consultant, and speaker in the computer and network repair sector since 1987. He is the author of several popular bestselling computer books and videos. He has taught over 2 million people, including US senators, US Supreme Court Justices, United Nations members, members of every branch of the US Armed Forces, numerous components of the Department of Justice, hundreds of corporate clients, and academic students at all levels.

These IT support certification courses are also appropriate for learners who do not desire to sit for the CompTIA certification exam but are interested in learning about the fundamentals of information technology and computers. They can acquire a solid foundation in information technology in an easily-understandable manner.

The courses feature lifetime access to video lectures, downloadable resources, PDFs outlining all exam objectives, end-of-chapter quizzes to assess your knowledge, and bonus videos with new information, exam tips, and study tools from time to time. The video lectures are engaging, entertaining, and well-structured. The engaging manner of instruction makes subjects simple to comprehend and recall.

Become a System Administrator (Cybrary)

5 cybrary

Cybrary offers free information technology courses on systems administration that cover the most in-demand skills for the systems administrator role. The System Administrator Career Path is ideal for workers with no prior experience in information technology or cybersecurity. Develop the information, skills, and talents necessary to succeed in your next industry career.

Anyone interested in learning how to become a system administrator can look at what’s available here. There are courses for beginners covering everything from hardware, software, operating systems, file management, storage, security implementation, and organizational system hierarchy to seminars on managing open-source operating systems such as Linux and virtualization administration. Additionally, there are tutorials for preparing to pass Microsoft’s certification exam for server systems to become a system administrator.

Free IT Courses with Certification

6 alison

Alison provides over 1000 free online courses and certificates in a variety of subject areas. The courses offered are divided as Certificate Courses (those lasting approximately 2-3 hours), Diploma Courses (those lasting about 8-10 hours), and Learning Paths, which are a collection of specialist courses (with 18-20 hours duration). These courses cover a broad range of professional topics.

IT is a highly popular category on our site, with in-depth courses and tutorials covering every element of information technology. Join now to learn about bitcoin, blockchain technology, computer networking, and server administration. You can enroll in free classes for in-demand programming languages such as Python, JavaScript, and C++ and then apply for official certification to advance your programming career. Additionally, we cover developing skills such as pentesting, full-stack and MEAN stack development, and database administration.

Our courses were developed in collaboration with leading information technology organizations such as CodeRed (premium cybersecurity tutorials), Microsoft (the world’s most successful software developer), the National Institute of Standards and Technology (a division of the US Department of Commerce), and the Computing Technology Industry Association (or CompTIA, an American IT certification group). We collaborate with the best to bring you the very best.

We also cater to learners who require more practical skills, such as utilizing Microsoft 365, PowerPoint, or even Zoom to its full potential. With so many individuals working these days remotely, current computer skills enable you to work more efficiently. Our free IT courses cover everything from getting started with Microsoft Word to advanced ethical hacking. Registration and course materials are both free – we give the resources necessary for you to acquire the required abilities.

IT Support Courses by edx


Businesses frequently offer IT Services to assist consumers with difficulty with a particular area of their product or service. Tech assistance is a subset of a help desk where clients can solve issues, obtain answers, and seek guidance. We’ve come a long way in terms of information technology, and while we’ve integrated it into our daily lives, we don’t always have the know-how to resolve challenges that arise. Your IT help desk can point you in the right way for resolving your issues and getting back to your life or work.

Building a career in information technology support is gratifying and positions you well for a range of roles. Not only must businesses help IT to their clients, but they also require technical support for the products and services they utilize. You could work in customer-facing or business-to-business environments and provide expert advice to anyone who requests it. Many firms have shifted their business strategy to managed services, which means you’re likely to discover plenty of opportunities to work directly with a company to ensure its success while deploying new technology. It’s an excellent strategy for ensuring job stability and developing a meaningful career.

Microsoft offers a comprehensive professional education program in information technology infrastructure and information technology management. The series is a collection of courses covering various IT Support topics, including remote support, operating systems, and disaster recovery. Additionally, you’ll get a grasp of IT difficulties affecting a variety of infrastructures, including the cloud. You’ll be collaborating with industry experts who each have years of expertise in IT consulting. Additionally, you can enroll in various courses that are not directly linked to IT support but will help you gain a better understanding of the systems you’ll be working with. You can study cloud infrastructure, deep learning, and machine learning, multiple programming languages, and computer architecture at prestigious universities like MIT, Harvard, Microsoft, or Linux.

Any organization’s IT support professional is vital. People require a point of contact for any issues with their products and services, and your knowledge at the IT service desk helps ensure that their experiences are as seamless as possible. Whether it’s cybersecurity, technical assistance, or another facet of information technology, your expertise is critical to everyone’s experience. edX can assist you in getting started on the path to IT solutions and offers a sufficient number of courses in both IT assistance and other technical fields that you should have no difficulty finding your niche. All you need now is a cause you care about and the desire to improve everyone’s experience.

IT Help Desk Training for IT Professionals by Computer Cavalry

8 udemy

IT Help Desk Training for IT Professionals is a ten-lecture course to train individuals interested in pursuing careers in IT support or customer service. Its objective is to provide assistance and basic understanding in information technology such as troubleshooting, Active Directory, password management, and basic networking. Students learn to tackle several IT-related difficulties through excellent customer service, critical thinking, remote support, and effective troubleshooting.

ComputerCavalry: Help Desk Training for IT Professionals is a ten-lecture course that provides up-to-date customer care training. By enrolling, you will receive guidance and training in troubleshooting, Active Directory, password management, and basic networking.

You will learn to tackle several IT-related difficulties by providing excellent customer service, critical thinking, remote support, and correct troubleshooting.

Desktop IT Support Level 1 & 2 in real life Troubleshooting

9 udemy1

Desktop IT Support Level 1 & 2 in real life Troubleshooting course is for individuals interested in IT troubleshooting. It focuses on frequent problems that IT engineers encounter in their daily work and presents solutions. It is a lengthy course with more than seven hours of video lectures covering the following topics:

Establishing a Lab – In this section, you will learn about VirtualBox, Windows installation (Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016), IP addresses, installing an external hard drive, and creating snapshots and restores, among other things.

Domain Issues – In this section, you will learn how to create a user and OU in a domain, resolve issues with Bitlocker, suspend and obtain the Bitlocker Code, change a password, and other domain-related topics.

Computer Issues – In this section, you’ll discover how to back up user profiles, troubleshoot docking stations, monitors, WiFi, BIOS settings, and ports, as well as how to install Office 365, Outlook, and Skype for business.

Server Issues – In this section, you will learn about server-related subjects such as how to replace a server’s hard disk, a tape library server’s storage, and more.

Hardware Issues – This category includes subjects such as replacing a hard disk or doing a backup from a dead laptop, as well as RAM replacement.

Mr. Tareq, an IT Professional with over 12 years of experience, will teach the course. He is an expert in his area, and he brings his expertise and knowledge to this course.

IT Help Desk Courses & Training (LinkedIn – Lynda)

10 linkedin

LinkedIn Learning (Lynda) is another excellent resource for job searchers interested in technical assistance and customer service, as well as anyone looking to improve their overall technical skills. A selection of available courses serves as an excellent beginning point for learning how to respond to common help-desk queries, provide desktop or IT support, and triage and resolve issues quickly. Additionally, some courses teach you how to manage an IT help desk from either a local or remote location.

Acquire the skills necessary to pursue an entry-level IT help desk technician employment. This course is an excellent beginning point for job seekers interested in entering the field of technical support or in honing their overall technical knowledge and skills. It covers the essential functions of an IT help desk, such as software installation, networking, and troubleshooting. Learn how to uninstall the software from a computer, network via the command line, and join machines to a domain.


While this is not a comprehensive list of the IT Technician, IT Support & Help Desk Certifications, Courses, Classes & Training available online, we attempt to include all the top-rated courses.

We suggest you attempt more than one class to make as much progress as expected concerning the information. Additionally, you can decide to stay with one sort on the off chance you are searching for explicit abilities. However, most of these information representations online courses share an excellent deal. Tell us about your questions, ideas, inquiries, and criticism. We love to hear from you. Till then, at that point, continue to learn!

IT Technician Courses FAQ

As an IT professional, you are sure to encounter many situations where your skills will be tested. This is why it is vital to have a professional certification to prove your experience. This article will give you the basics of IT Support certification. Many technical and IT positions require some accreditation. The IT Support certification focuses on supporting end-users through various services such as desktop support, information technology support, and systems troubleshooting.

The IT Support certification focuses on supporting end-users through various services such as disabling viruses, installing/updating anti-malware software, configuring computers for specific needs, fixing broken hardware, etc.

A difference between an IT technician and an IT support person is the professionalism required to do the job. An IT technician must handle any problem that arises, even if they are not trained in that particular task. They also need to know how to fix any computer equipment, hardware, or software problems/issues. A support person will only deal with issues specific to their field of expertise, such as software or hardware.

To be successful in this position, you must have a strong understanding of computer systems and networking. In addition, interpersonal skills are important because you will need to liaise with clients and coordinate workflows with other IT professionals. An IT support specialist should work on a team and communicate effectively.

To get a job as an IT Technician, it is necessary to have a wealth of knowledge in the field. It is also essential for an IT Technician to have a passion for technology and all that it entails. This person must be familiar with many different systems and how they work together, and the various components that make up a system. An ideal candidate should troubleshoot problems, identify what is causing the problem, and then implement a solution.

The qualifications for a help desk job can vary depending on the company. Some jobs require technical knowledge, while others require good customer service skills. A high school diploma is typically the only requirement for these jobs, but some companies may also require some college education.

To be a qualified help desk support, there are various qualifications that one must have:

  1. They need to know the software and hardware that their company offers.
  2. They need to have a strong understanding of customer service.
  3. They need to communicate effectively over the phone and in person.
  4. They need excellent time management skills because a help desk representative often juggles many tasks at once.


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