Top 10 Best Online TOEFL Prep Courses to Boost Your Scores [UPDATED January 2023]

Apr 1st, 2022

Top 10 Best Online TOEFL Prep Courses to Boost Your Scores

Best TOEFL Prep Courses and Classes

Are you looking to take Online TOEFL Prep Courses? If so, you may be wondering if you should enroll in online TOEFL prep courses. Many different courses are available, so it can be challenging to decide which one is right for you. This article will compare some of the best online TOEFL prep courses available. We will discuss the pros and cons of each course, and we will help you decide which one is right for you.

Students who want to study in the United States must take the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) test. A TOEFL score is required of all applicants as proof of English language proficiency.

To be safe, I’m going to assume that if you’ve found your way to this page, you’re having trouble with the TOEFL. It wasn’t an isolated incident. To get into the university of my dreams, I had to get a high enough TOEFL scored ten years ago.

Higher scores on the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) can increase your chances of admission to prestigious universities around the world. Nearly 90 percent of TOEFL test-takers were accepted into their first and second-choice universities, and over 11,000 academic institutions worldwide get TOEFL scores. Certain states require foreign-graduate pharmacists, physical therapists, nurses, and other healthcare professionals to meet minimum TOEFL score requirements.

Along with TOEFL prep courses, online preparation classes are one of the most effective methods of preparing for the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). Numerous universities utilize the TOEFL to assess international students’ English language proficiency.

With the proper study habits, you can significantly increase your chances of getting your target TOEFL score. The following section discusses online TOEFL preparation courses that may assist.

Improve your TOEFL® score with Magoosh

TOEFL Prep Courses

Magoosh provides you with video courses and practice exams that experts teach to prepare for the TOEFL. Lessons are more easily absorbed because of the user-friendly interface. Magoosh offers a vast selection of video tutorials for various concepts. It teaches you all you need to know about the TOEFL, from basic grammar to sophisticated techniques. This site’s courses cover writing, reading, listening, and speaking.

In terms of value and convenience, you can’t go wrong with Magoosh TOEFL Prep Courses. It has a wide selection of online learning resources that may be systematically used for self-study. One or six months of access to more than 120 video courses, more than 420 questions, and up to six full-length tests with graded written evaluations are included in your subscription. You can access a private Facebook study group, a personalized study program, and unlimited email support from professional TOEFL tutors. There’s a 7-day refund policy if you’re not satisfied with the course, despite Magoosh’s guarantee of a higher TOEFL score.

TOEFL Online Prep Course by PrepScholar

toefl course 2

Students who take PrepScholar’s award-winning TOEFL course are guaranteed a high score on the exam. PrepScholar’s TOEFL prep courses offers a five-day trial period. An experienced TOEFL tutor is on hand to help students prepare for the exam. Students can get unlimited email support and a personalized study plan.

Students can also take practice examinations online to get a feel for what it will be like on test day. Students’ responses are graded by teachers, who give constructive criticism for incorrect answers.

Master the TOEFL iBT Prep Course by Kaplan

toefl course 3

To prepare for the TOEFL exam, you can use the Kaplan mobile app. The site’s knowledgeable instructors provide step-by-step instructions on how to ace the exam.

In addition to providing a full-length practice exam, Kalpan evaluates and provides feedback on your writing examples. More than a hundred practice problems can be provided to students in a coursebook. This website offers the 24-hour availability of on-demand video.

You should take Kalpan’s TOEFL iBT course if you wish to score well on the exam. Kaplan specialists teach all parts of the TOEFL in over 100 videos. The best aspect is that you can contact our faculty by email at any time of day or night. To prepare for the exam, read through this step-by-step tutorial. You’ll learn a lot from your teachers about how to do well in the test’s listening, reading, writing, and speaking components. This program’s cost is quite reasonable, so it’s accessible to people of all income levels.

TOEFL® Test Preparation: The Insider’s Guide by ETSx

toefl course 4

TOEFL exam-takers will benefit from this course, prepared by specialists designing, administering, and scoring the test.

The TOEFL exam is the most frequently used and reputable English language evaluation globally. Millions of people have fulfilled their lifelong ambitions of going to school, working, or living abroad because of it. TOEFL scores are accepted by more than 11,000 higher education institutions, government agencies, and organizations around the world.

To get the best TOEFL score possible, you should take this course. Instructors will explain each part (Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing) in detail and use archived former test questions to show you what kind of questions you can expect. This is an excellent opportunity to learn more about taking the test, how it is graded, and what you should do the day before.

Videos, example questions with explanations, short quizzes, and collaborative discussion boards are part of this course’s highly interactive format. You’ll also be able to review past test questions and answers. All students can receive practice-test scores during the weeks that focus on speaking and writing.

A variety of complementary and low-cost test preparation options will be available to students at various points in the program. With these tips, you’ll be able to prepare for the TOEFL test so that you can apply to a college of your choice.

Online TOEFL Preparation Course & Practice by BestMyTest

toefl course 5

BestMyTest TOEFL Tutor is serious about your success. That’s why BestMyTest provides a money-back guarantee on our complete courses. Whether you choose our 6-month or 1-month prep plans, we promise a 7-point bump in your score.

You can find more than 2,000 TOEFL practice questions in the online course offered by BestMyTest. Students can also practice for the TOEFL and get instruction on specific exam sections.

Students can design their study plans by entering their goals into the tool. They are then advised on what and how much they should study to achieve their goal score by BestMyTest.

Award-Winning TOEFL exam tutors online by Live Lingua

toefl course 6

Live Lingua is honored to be one of Entrepreneur Magazine’s “Classics,” the only education company to win this award, because of our focus on a customer-centric business model and charitable efforts.

Students can get one-on-one help with their language skills via the Live Lingua platform. They offer a variety of English classes and test preparation for a variety of exams, such as the TOEFL, IELTS, and GMAT. Live classes will be one-on-one via video conference software and last one hour each. Learn from certified English language teachers who are fluent in English as a second language. Most teachers have worked with international students for at least ten years.

Live Lingua will ask you for your preferences to find the right instructor. If you’re not happy with the quality of the instruction, you can find a new instructor after the trial lesson. Starting at $29 per hour, the TOEFL prep class is available for purchase. On the other hand, bundling your assets will reduce the price. Each class is only $28 if you sign up for ten hours to give you an idea. There are no additional discounts for purchasing more than 40 hours at once. The cheapest hourly rate you can expect to pay is $25.

The cost is included in the price. There is no additional charge for textbooks or other learning aids. You can also take advantage of the many free resources available on Live Lingua. I think the price is very reasonable at this point. Many online TOEFL preparation courses are more expensive per hour than Live Lingua’s, but the quality of instruction is lower. No credit card is required for a free 30-minute trial lesson.

Prepare for TOEFL Exam Online Course by E2Language

toefl course 7

Look no further than E2Language for assistance in achieving your TOEFL goals. Online test preparation platform E2Language is one of the world’s leading providers of tailor-made courses that are engaging, informative, and effective for candidates around the globe. An accredited NEAS quality assurance body, Cambridge Boxhill Language Assessments, and Pearson International endorse E2Language as a preferred provider.

E2Language provides TOEFL preparation courses that are entirely online. Language testing is our specialty. Because our instructors have all taken the exams, we are well-versed in the strategies and tactics necessary for you to succeed.

TestDEN’s Online Course for the TOEFL Test

toefl course 8

There is no better way to get ready for the TOEFL test than with TestDEN’s TOEFL Online Course! has helped tens of thousands of students improve their TOEFL scores since it launched in 1997.

Our course provides you with FOUR timed and graded TOEFL practice tests, so you know exactly what to expect on test day. Go into the TOEFL test center with self-assurance, get the TOEFL score you deserve, and continue to your dream school in the United States or Canada!

It isn’t easy to find a better resource than TestDEN’s Online Course for TOEFL Practice for online training. We recommend that you begin studying at least 30 days before the actual test date to get the most out of your preparation time.

All four TOEFL practice tests should be taken in order. You will be given a time limit and an estimated score in each sample practice test. You’ll be able to see in-depth explanations for your incorrect responses. Make a list of all of your mistakes and study the correct answers.

Next, use the TOEFL Speaking and Writing Trainer to improve your communication skills. In this course, you’ll get a lot of practice and sample answers to help you prepare for this section of the exam.

Further help is available through the TOEFL Skills Trainer, which focuses on specific listening and reading skills required for the TOEFL. Up to 180 days of training are available to you.

Self-Study Bundles for TOEFL iBT by Jaime Miller Advising

toefl course 9

Many foreign graduates and professionals, such as pharmacy students and nurses who have relocated to the United States, have found success with Jaime Miller in improving their English proficiency and passing the TOEFL exam to resume their careers in the United States.

Even if you are an expert in your field, the traffic jam caused by the TOEFL iBT makes your life and career feel like they are in a standstill. Those around you who don’t have to deal with it are baffled as to why you find it difficult.

Jaime Miller focuses solely on TOEFL preparation and offers a wide selection of S26 and W24 test prep programs. Physical “learning kits” are sent to all test-takers, whether they are first-timers or repeat offenders. The eight online self-study programs contain:

  • Extensive, systematic video lessons.
  • Audio files.
  • PDF workbooks that cover how to fix fossilized errors and achieve advanced scores.

To help healthcare professionals who need S26, she offers free Zoom consultations to determine the best combination of services, including self-study and personalized feedback, weekly group discussions, post-test talks, and private lessons.

TOEFL Private Tutoring by The Princeton Review

toefl course 10

One-on-one instruction with a skilled tutor is highly beneficial to many students. TOEFL Comprehensive Private Tutoring includes 18 hours of one-on-one instruction, along with 3 hours of progress meetings in which you can track your improvement. You’re assigned a tutor who works with you to set goals, such as achieving a specific score on a particular section of the TOEFL.

You get access to exclusive print materials and one-on-one instruction tailored to your needs. Keeping track of your progress, setting up lessons, and communicating with your tutor is a snap with a personalized student dashboard. Tutoring packages for the TOEFL are also available in 10-hour and 3-hour lengths.

Choose a TOEFL Prep Course That’s Right for You

The minimum TOEFL scores required by various institutions vary, just as each test taker’s English proficiency and academic/career goals differ. In addition to other important considerations, such as your budget and study habits, these aspects are critical to consider when selecting a practical TOEFL prep courses. To find the best TOEFL preparation course, follow the steps outlined below.

Calculate prep time

TOEFL preparation courses vary in length because the iBT exam is offered several times a year, and the validity of a score is only two years. Choose from one-week to 12-month courses, including online learning materials for life. If you have time constraints like university admission or certification applications, you should look for shorter but high-quality preparatory courses with proven results.

Consider how you prefer to learn.

The effectiveness of a TOEFL prep course depends heavily on your learning style. Audio and video lessons are preferred by auditory learners, while visual learners may prefer vocabulary flashcards and video lessons with transcripts for those with visual learning preferences. It is essential to select a preparatory course that best suits your learning style.

Compare the price

TOEFL preparation courses can cost as little as $0 to as much as $1,800 for private tutoring. If you want to do better on the TOEFL iBT, you may be willing to spend more money on online preparation courses that include writing and speaking tests with instructor feedback.
Keep an eye out for features that are a necessity.

Look for must-have features.

Choose a program that has most of these features:

  • Preparation tests for the TOEFL International Business Communication Test (iBT)
  • Live online classes can be recorded and viewed at a later time.
  • Expert guidance and advice from knowledgeable mentors
  • Repeat test takers are guaranteed a higher score.
  • Free demos and trial periods are available.


So, there you have it: the ten best TOEFL prep courses. We’ve done our best to provide you with all the information you could need about these courses. To learn more about the course, we encourage you to check out the annexed websites to learn more about the fee structure, the author’s bio, and the course reviews.

In addition, I believe that reading helps me to perform better in the writing portion of the exam. The reading has taught me a great deal about grammar, vocabulary, and other aspects of the English language that I can apply to the TOEFL exam.

Finally, like to congratulate everyone on their upcoming exams!

Best Online TOEFL Prep Courses FAQ

It’s difficult to say which course is the absolute best because everyone’s learning and budgetary needs are unique, and each course can meet those needs in its unique way. Regarding TOEFL iBT courses, we believe Magoosh and BestMyTest offer the best combination of features, course options, and value.

Because of its low cost, flexible pricing, and 7-point improvement guarantee, we recommend BestMyTest’s TOEFL prep course. Magoosh’s self-paced TOEFL package, on the other hand, is even less expensive and comes with a score guarantee as well as mobile-friendly resources. Ultimately, we believe that the six-month package from Magoosh is the most cost-effective option among the courses on our list.

Any student willing to learn at their own pace online can benefit from these courses. On the other hand, the other major TOEFL prep courses on our list may be a better fit for you if you know you need one-on-one instruction.

From $40 to several thousand dollars, TOEFL preparation courses are available. A wide range of services is available to help you prepare for the TOEFL exam, some of which are more expensive and intensive, while others are more flexible and inexpensive.

A self-paced online TOEFL course that costs less than $100, such as Magoosh or BestMyTest, gives students access to many study resources with few deadlines or requirements. Preparation courses costing more than $1,000, such as English Success Academy’s private TOEFL lesson program, usually include more one-on-one time with a professional tutor. More expensive courses may offer high-score guarantees; in other words, you get your money back if your TOEFL score falls short of an agreed-upon benchmark. The price of your TOEFL preparation course will be determined by how long you take it. Magoosh’s 6-month TOEFL course costs just $149, but that doesn’t mean you’ll only have access to the course for a short period.

On our list of the best TOEFL prep courses, many of them are self-paced online classes that don’t have any direct interaction between students and teachers. For some students, this study method works fine, but for others, it would be nice to have the option of working with TOEFL experts one-on-one. Fortunately, the English Success Academy, one on our list, offers live online prep courses.

More than 60 times a year, TOEFL iBT exams are given in authorized testing centers worldwide. At least four months before your desired test date, ETS recommends registering for the test so that you have enough time to find a slot and choose a testing time between 2 and 3 months before your university work/certification submission deadlines. To find test dates in your preferred test centers, you can use the ETS website. A minimum of four days’ notice is required for test rescheduling and cancellations. It’s also possible to take the TOEFL iBT Home Edition test at any time of day or night and four days a week. Six days after taking the test, the official results will be available. Retests are permitted as many times as necessary, but there is a three-day waiting period between each one.

The amount of time needed to prepare for the TOEFL iBT depends on your ability to speak and write in academic English. Preparation months in advance is a smart move if you need to improve your reading and listening skills. If you’ve already taken the TOEFL but need to improve your score in the exam’s speaking and writing sections, a six-week to three-month review period may be ideal.

The exam’s difficulty varies from student to student because this course primarily assesses your command of the English language. If you have a good knowledge of the English language, passing the exam will be a breeze.

There are 7 types of questions on the TOEFL, vocabulary, detail, purpose, negative factual information, and more.

It’s challenging to read through all of the applications that universities receive. Therefore, they use the TOEFL to know whether the application is worth reading. The TOEFL exam is rarely used as a factor in deciding between two highly qualified candidates.

Here are the tips to get success in the TOEFL exam:

  • You need to know the format of the TOEFL test very thoroughly.
  • Know what is the importance of the TOEFL test.
  • Keep minimum score in your mind.
  • Create a good study space for learning.
  • Get a study guide with having an explanation of tests and tips.
  • Get support from a teacher or join a good TOEFL preparation course.
  • Practice reading English.
  • Learn English by keeping the learning goal in mind.
  • Practice writing at a specific times.
  • Practice speaking with other people.


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