CISSP Online Bootcamp on YouTube

CISSP Online Bootcamp on YouTube

Dec 8th, 2021

CISSP Online Bootcamp on YouTube

The aim is CISSP Certification, and the way to get there is through a CISSP Online Bootcamp. You’ll study the critical project management concepts, principles, and practices you’ll need to ace the CISSP exam on the first try.

The Certified Information Systems Security Professional credential is internationally recognized, making it one of the best investments you can make in your profession. According to a recent assessment by (ISC)2, “certified professionals have a significant edge, earning more than 20% more than their non-certified counterparts. Earning your certification has apparent advantages: higher pay, more job stability, and more career opportunities.

Why CISSP online Bootcamp?

Please remember that not all CISSP courses are created equal when selecting a training provider for your CISSP certification. Exam preparation course instruction might be of varying quality. Many courses do not fully prepare you for the exam, instead of providing you with a roadmap of what you need to learn independently. When it comes to your career, quality should always take precedence over money. After reviewing the vital decision considerations, we believe that you will find that Certification Academy offers the best value. We combine tried-and-true learning ideas with simple memorizing strategies to ensure that you can organize and remember the large quantity of knowledge we cover. Our CISSP Exam Prep Boot Camp in Phoenix is a fast-track, risk-free way to get your certification.

Why should you enroll in a CISSP Bootcamp?

Once you’ve decided that certification is the next step in your career, you should focus on “How do I do it?” rather than “Should I do it?” Our Boot Camp provides an expedited and guaranteed road to certification. This thorough course covers all of the topics you’ll need to pass the exam, as well as detailed test-taking tactics. You’ll spend time learning about the project management framework’s key concepts as well as advanced cost, schedule, and risk management techniques. You will take realistic mock tests throughout the course to help you prepare. Having that background means you’ll be less stressed throughout the actual exam. A classroom setting with a group of your peers improves your aptitude and can aid in developing and maintaining your motivation to complete your goal.

Who should enroll in an online CISSP training course?

The PMP Certification Requirements must meet before you may test for the Project Management Professional exam. This implies you’ll need to be well-established in a project management capacity, with at least three and, in certain situations, up to five years of experience. In addition to the needed job experience, all applicants must complete 35 hours of project management instruction. Our training course complies with PMI’s requirements in the Exam Content Outline and is linked with the Body of Knowledge. A planned training program is beneficial to candidates who want to acquire certification in a streamlined, supervised manner while preserving a work-life balance.

CISSP Online Bootcamp by CyTech Consulting on YouTube

Take your career to the next level with one of the most in-demand cybersecurity certifications. CISSP certification training is a tried-and-true approach for acquiring the broad range of skills required to become a Certified Information Systems Security Professional.

CISSP Online Bootcamp Session 1

Our online CISSP Bootcamp covers the first part of Domain 1 – Security and Risk Management as well as some CISSP exam tips and tricks.

CISSP Online Bootcamp Session 2

In CISSP Online Bootcamp Session 2, we covered the Data Classification for both Governmental and Commercial organizations, the 7 steps of data classifications, the 6 security roles of (ISC)2, Threats, vulnerabilities, threat vectors and attack surface, 3rd party governance, procurement processes (RFI, RFP, and RFQ), agreements with 3rd parties, personnel security for new employees, awareness, training, and education of employees, cross-training, mandatory vacation, and the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).

CISSP Online Bootcamp Session 3

In CISSP Online Bootcamp Session 3, we covered Personnel Monitoring, NDA, Non-compete, Non-Solicitation, Personnel Controls, Termination of Employment, and then the highlight of this domain, and maybe the entire CISSP – Risk Management.

CISSP Online Bootcamp Session 4

In CISSP Online Bootcamp Session 4, we concluded Domain 1 and covered the concept of a Residual Risk, Exessive Risk, the 4 ways to handle risks: Risk Mitigation, Transfering the Risk, Accepting the Risk, and Avoiding the Risk. We also talked about the differences between TCO and ROI, and the 3 main categories of controls: Preventive, Detective, and Corrective.

Lastly, we covered the Business Continuity Plan which included the 4 steps toward a full BCP: Scope and Planning, Business Impact Analysis, Continuity Planning, and Approval and Implementation. To conclude the domain we mentioned the differences between criminal laws, civil laws, and administrative laws.

CISSP Online Bootcamp Session 5

In CISSP Online Bootcamp Session 5, we concluded Domain 2 and covered the concepts of the Definition of Asset, Information Lifecycle, Data Classification in Depth, PHI, PII and CHD, The 4 Ground Rules of Asset Security, The 8 Security Roles, Data Collection Limitation and Data Retention, Security Control Baseline, and Media Security.

CISSP Online Bootcamp Session 6

In CISSP Online Bootcamp Session 6, we continued Domain 3 – Security Engineering, Chapter 6 – Cryptography. We covered One Time Pad, Zero Knowledge Proof, Split Knowledge, Symmetric and Asymmetric Cryptosystems, and Hash Functions.

Also, the two most important slides of this chapter for the Asymmetric Cryptography Key System and the comparison of Symmetric & Asymmetric Cryptosystems will give you some tips and tricks on how to win the CISSP questions during this challenging exam.

Upcoming CISSP Online Bootcamp Class Date and Price in 2022

State City Location Dates Price Status
Central Time Live – Online Remote – From Anywhere Jan 10th – Jan 14th $3,599
Central Time Live – Online Remote – From Anywhere Feb 7th – Feb 11th $3,599
Central Time Live – Online Remote – From Anywhere Mar 7th – Mar 11th $3,599
Central Time Live – Online Remote – From Anywhere Apr 4th – Apr 8th $3,599
Central Time Live – Online Remote – From Anywhere May 2nd – May 6th $3,599
Central Time Live – Online Remote – From Anywhere May 30th – Jun 3rd $3,599
Central Time Live – Online Remote – From Anywhere Jun 27th – Jul 1st $3,599
Central Time Live – Online Remote – From Anywhere Jul 25th – Jul 29th $3,599
Central Time Live – Online Remote – From Anywhere Aug 22nd – Aug 26th $3,599
Central Time Live – Online Remote – From Anywhere Sep 19th – Sep 23rd $3,599
Central Time Live – Online Remote – From Anywhere Oct 17th – Oct 21st $3,599
Central Time Live – Online Remote – From Anywhere Nov 14th – Nov 18th $3,599


A boot camp, such as the one given here, is an excellent approach to prepare for the CISSP exam. Other options include purchasing (ISC)2’s official textbook, self-study, and CISSP practice examinations.


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